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Edgemark Olcut, Olean Vilaflor Browning E.G. Waterman Olsen Weske Bruckman Ern-Solingen Ontario Western Buck Enco Pal Westmark Bulldog Eyebrand Parker Winchester Franklin Mint Phurba Frost Pic Garland Piece, Samuel Genella Pierre Cardin Gerber Pritzlaff German Puukko Hammer Puma Harley Davidson Queen Henckels Rambo Hibbins Randall Honest Abe Remington Higgins


Cal Mont Cutlery 







Al Mar 





Case Classic 

Kinfolks Inc


American Blade 


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Aurum Cold Steel Kutmaster Solingen Auto, Kit Col Coon Lakota Spyderco Battle Axe Colt Lamplough Stamm-Dusseldorf Bear MGC Corliss Lipic Swanner Benchmade Cornwall Lone Star Taylor Bingham Craftsman Marble Thailand Blackjack Crosman Marshall Wells Trapper Blue Steel Cutco Mikov United Boker CVA Moki Utica Boy Scout Eagle Brand NKCA Valley Forge Bristol Edge Brand Old Cutler Victorinox Brit-Nife , J.C. Richards-Sheffield Hull, John Rigid Hygrade Rocky Mountain Cutlery Ideal Robeson Imperial Rodgers Imperial Razor Ruana IXL Jet-Aer Jim Bowie Junglee Al Mar Eye Brand Schatt & Morgan Ant Frost Schrade Anza Fury Sir Vival Bear MGC Gerber Smith & Wesson Benchmade Gigland SOG Beretta Glock Spyderco Boker Gutmann Taylor Browning Hen & Rooster Tekna Buck Junglee Timberline Camillus Kabar Tomahawk Case Kellam United Cold Steel Kershaw Victorinox Columbia River Lakota Wenger Colt Leatherman Western Condor Marbles Winchester Cutco McGrew Wyoming Damascus Nieto Ontario Paropukko Puma Queen R.A.P. Cutlery Remington Rigid Barminski Kelley-Oregon Shadowmaker Blasingame, Robert Kelgin Avery Smith Boye Lee Jr.-Michigan Ernie Self-Texas Berry-Texas MG Lane Ed Small Campbell, Irvin Johnny Miyakawa John Spencer-Texas Carr Langston J. Stone Customized Buck Lindsey S&S Cultery Damascus Musick Bob Tice DeLeon Nolen-Texas George Walker Ed Harrison Norris, Don Tommy Ware (Wano) Ensign Pullen Wayne Whittaker Ernie Self Randall J Wills F&M Jessie Ray Fisher Wayne Robertson W. Gower Ken Richardson George Herron Rimpler Gorden Johnson-Texas RP DJ Harper Ruana Hueske Avon, Gold & Silver Bullet, 4 1/2" Overall... $ 10.00 Avon, Yellow & Gold Winchester Shotgun Shell, 4" Overall... $10.00 Bolo Slide, 2 3/4" Bowie On Bone Slab, Made by Bob Luchak, Channelview, Texas... $60.00 Case Collectors Club Playing Cards... $10.00 Case Hat Tack, Copperlock, 1", 2 1 to Sell... $10.00 Case Playing Cards, 3 Blade Gunboat Canoe Illus.... $10.00 Coca-Cola Belt Buckle, Brass, 3 5/8" x 2 1/2", Horse Drawn Cart, Official, 1976, by Bergamot... $21.95 Miniature Tanto, 3 7/8", Ironwood, Brass Butt & Guard, Made by A.C. Oliver of Ft. Worth, Texas...$60.00 Miniature Camp Knife, 3", Stag Handle, No Guard, Made by Bob Tice of Houston, TX... $35.00 Miniature Bowie, 2 1/8", Bone Handle, Brass Butt & Guard, Stamped ML, 2 to Sell... $65.00 Miniature Dagger, 1 7/16", Bone Handle, Brass Butt & Guard, in Hand Made Glass Covered Brass Coffin w/Bail, Unmarked... $75.00

Item #1353 Blue Grass, Louisville Hatchet Would Guess To Be About My Age, But I'm Not Telling! Looks Like Original Handle Normal Pitting For A Hatchet Of This Age (Oops!) $40.00 Item #1356 Bell System Utility Hammer (Maul) 9" Overall Handle Has Some Splits Unique! $17.00 Item #1500 Bayonet Not Sure But I Think Argentine Mauser I Do Know They Are... 1 sold, 1 left! $22.00 Item #1543 Jade Handled Knife With What Looks Like Gold Plated Fixtures 7 1/4", Appears To Be Table Knife & Unused $30.00 Item #1555 Bowie 5 1/2" Functional Bowie w/Cast Metal Guard & Handle Mirror Polished Ink Etched Blade Imported, Not Pakistan w/Light Duty Sheath $9.95 Item #1592 Mini Dagger 4 3/4" White Comp Handle w/Copper Colored Fixtures Black Sheath Mint Condition! $7.95 Item #1593 Mini Dagger 6" Overall Stainless Etched Blade w/Cast Handles Black Sheath, Mint Condition! $8.95Item #1594 America 5 " Clasp Knives 1 Stag & 1 Laminated Knives Are Mint In Display Box But Have Some Marks On Blades From Storage $90.00 for the pairItem #1355 American Knife Co., Solingen 6 " Fin w/Stag Handles Some Grind Marks On Blade But Overall Is Nice Only $23.00Item #1582 Aerial Cutlery Co. 8 " Skinner w/Leather & Bakelite Spaces w/Oak Insert Practically No Wear On Blade But Has Light Scratches, etc. Original Sheath In Excellent Condition How Many Have You Seen? $65.00Aurum Jumbo Trapper 4 3/8" Laminated Wood Scales Mint Condition $79.00Battle Axe By Shouse & Hardin, Solingen 2-3" Canoes 1 Stag, 1 Brown Bone, 2 Blade w/Dice & Cards Etch In Black In Gold Both Serial #592 Mint, No BoxesBear MGC USA 3 1/2" Liner Lock All Stainless w/Genuine Elephant Ivory Scales Has Never Been Sharpened